Carolann Trainor MAPC, MASp, MBA, CCC

Individual Counsellor

Carolann Trainor, Registered Psychotherapist, Ottawa book now

About Carolann

Carolann has led an interesting and challenging life. She is a pastoral counsellor and a spiritual director/companion. She has learned to read between the crooked lines of her life and become more aware of her gifts and strengths of humour, enthusiasm, spontaneity and genuine interest in people. A Zen tradition says, "Wherever you are, you are the master"; in the understanding of these words, she has discovered more about a life of passion/freedom and being fully alive in her authenticity.

An effect of her professional experience and academic training was the development of a broad knowledge of diverse disciplines and business environments. Her business acumen and ability to work collaboratively, demonstrates the capacity to interface with religious and secular communities, as well as staff and board members.

Carolann is a grandmother and a parent of an adult son who lives with a Dual Diagnosis. Her experience working with an agency that provides supports and services for individuals who live with significant and varied special needs is well established. While with this agency she was a group home supervisor and also worked in the capacity of "Front Line Worker". Her role as advocate continues but more importantly the experience and knowledge gained is irreplaceable and has sensitized her to the needs of individuals and families.

As a Canadian Certified Counsellor, she has proven ability to provide a safe and sacred environment for clients to tell their narrative. With empathy and a deep respect to listen and build an alliance with clients; she also has the experience and attentive ability to meet multi-cultural clients.

"We have been able to listen, to hear and experience our own double noticing... go forward in life and be prophets embarking upon our new ministry of living life."


  • Individual and Couple Counselling
  • Spirituality & Existential Issues
  • Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain Issues
  • Sexual Abuse Issues with women and men
  • Sexual Dysfunction Issues within a relationship
  • Men, Conflicts with emotional needs
  • Aversion to 'being' as opposed to 'doing'
  • Life Transitional Issues of 50+

Professional Memberships

  • Canadian Counselling Association
  • American Counselling Association
  • A.A.P.C., American Association of Pastoral Counsellors
  • Spiritual Directors International
  • Center for Self Leadership
  • CAPPE, Canadian Association for Pastoral Practice and Education


  • MA in Pastoral Counselling Loyola University Chicago
  • MA in Spirituality/Spiritual Direction, Loyola University Chicago
  • MBA in Business Administration, Graduate Theological Foundation
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